Fr. Sep 22nd, 2023

• PayPal recently announced its own digital money called „stablecoin“.
• The EU’s rules for stablecoins will start in June of 2024.
• Other companies, such as JP Morgan and Tether, have already launched their own stablecoins.

PayPal Makes Big Move Towards Stablecoin

PayPal has made a groundbreaking entry into the stablecoin market with its own digital currency, potentially reshaping the way online transactions are conducted. This move has sparked regulatory discussions and inspired other financial giants to explore the use of these coins.

EU & US Regulating Stablecoins

The European Union (EU) and United States (US) are both taking steps to regulate stablecoins by introducing new rules that will come into effect in June 2024. The House Financial Services Committee in the US is working on a plan to control who can make these coins and how they are allowed to work.

Other Companies Already Using Stablecoins

Several major players have already released their own stablecoins, including JP Morgan with its JPM Coin and Tether’s USDT coin. There is even speculation of Elon Musk creating his own called X Coin. It is no surprise that PayPal wants to join this race for gaining more control in the financial domain.

What Are The Benefits Of Stablecoins?

Stablecoins provide various advantages over traditional forms of money such as convenience for online purchases and payments, always staying at the same value, and easy conversion into regular US dollars whenever desired. They also give users more control over their financial assets by allowing them to invest or trade in different types of online money like Bitcoin with greater flexibility than before.


Paypal’s move towards launching its very own digital currency could revolutionize the way we conduct online transactions in many ways – potentially making it easier, faster, cheaper and more secure than ever before! With more major players getting involved in this space, it looks like stablecoins are here to stay!

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